Pre Date Screening Advisor (PDSA)

Though 40% of American’s use online dating services, are you aware that 53% of them have lied either about their age, physical attributes, or income? Moreover, 22% of the profiles you see on dating apps or websites have been created by their friends. No wonder that only 20% of online dates bloom into serious relationships – Pew Research

Online dating though is fast catching-up, but still many people end-up with embarrassing first-dates. The reasons might be one of the many, such as incorrect physical attributes, and so on. To avoid this we offer total discreet and Confidential Pre Date Screening Advisor (PDSA) before you actually meet and mix with your potential date.

This is how it works, a few days before you meet your date, our Pre Date Screening Advisor (PDSA) will meet with this person for a few minutes at a mutually convenient location to simply check the basic information such as height, weight, age and if possible, the first impression based on his or her body language.

Our PDSA meeting will not have any drinks or a meal with your potential date. Just 5 to 10 minutes via an informal chat. PDSA will pass on this information to you based on which you can decide to move ahead with the date or abort it. Schedule a PDSA and start a peaceful no surprises journey of romance today!